I really like this one. Another argument for parents doing anything they can to improved their marriage and working better together to raise kids.


What Kids Want Us to Know

This one is hot off the press, and if you read this blog long enough, you will undoubtedly learn many more of the creative ways in which child clients inform me of this tightly held belief:

My parents are whacked. Dharma, age 15

No one will be surprised that I hear some version of this several times a week. The kids who share this sentiment vary in age, diagnosis, gender, etc. Still, there is only a handful of reasons children believe their parents are whacked or crazy or irrational or psycho. Dharma’s comment reflects her frustration over her parents’ seeming inability to agree about the rules of the household. She frequently finds herself uncertain about whose rule to follow, so she does what any self-respecting teenager would do; she follows the rule that suits her best in the moment. This sometimes results in conflict between Dharma and one parent or the other, and…

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